Halo: The revolutionary dream-inducing device

Imagine controlling your dreams and exploring your subconscious like never before. Prophetic, a neural technology startup, is making this a reality with its latest invention, Halo.

This AI-powered wearable is designed to promote and stabilize lucid dreams by allowing users to control their dreams and explore their consciousness like never before.

What is Halo, and how it works?

Halo works by using ultrasound holograms to stimulate the part of the brain responsible for dreaming, the prefrontal cortex. When the device detects that the user has reached REM sleep, it sends signals to the brain to trigger dreaming. According to Prophetic CEO Eric Wollberg, “Everything will happen autonomously while you wear the headband.”

While the device is still in the testing phase, Prophetic has opened enrollment for beta users to try out Halo. With more than 400 users already signed up for the program, interest in this revolutionary technology is high.

What is Halo, and how it works?
Take control of your dreams and unleash your full potential with Halo (image credit)

The idea of using artificial intelligence to trigger lucid dreams may seem like science fiction, but Prophetic’s mission is to give humanity the tools to explore and expand consciousness. As Wollberg notes, “Morpheus-1 is a step forward in this mission, bringing us closer to ultrasonically triggering conscious experiences on demand and changing the world forever.”

The market for brain technology is heating up, with companies such as Neuralink, Paradromics, and Synchron working on machines designed to combine brains with computers to address health issues. But Halo is one of the most ambitious commercial devices aimed at promoting lucid dreaming, and its potential impact on human consciousness is huge.

While some research suggests that targeted ultrasound simulation can improve working memory, safety concerns about the use of devices like Halo remain unclear. Prophetic did not respond to multiple requests for comment when asked about safety concerns and whether the device has been successfully tested on humans.

What is Halo, and how it works?
Unlock the secrets of your subconscious mind with Halo (image credit)

Despite these concerns, interest in Halo is clear and joins a line of wearable sleep aid devices that claim to help users control their dreams, such as the Neuroon Open sleep mask, Aurora Dreamband, and InstaDreamer wristband.

All in all, Halo is a revolutionary device with the potential to change the way we dream and explore our consciousness. While safety concerns and testing processes are still unclear, the interest in this technology is clear, and it is clear that Prophetic is onto something big. As we continue to explore the possibilities of AI and brain technology, Halo could be just the beginning of a new era of consciousness expansion.

Featured image credit: Prophetic

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