Talk to anyone in Roblox: New AI translates chat in real time

Roblox auto translate chat feature will be able to translate in-game chats into 16 languages simultaneously with artificial intelligence support.

This amazing AI-powered feature will instantly translate text chats into 16 different languages. These languages include English, French, Japanese, Thai, Polish, Vietnamese, and more.

Imagine playing with friends from different countries, understanding their jokes, and sharing your own, all thanks to Roblox auto translate chat. It’s like having a magical translator built into the game!

How does the Roblox auto translate chat feature work?

It’s simple! When someone writes a message in a different language, you will see it automatically translated into your language. No need to mess with settings or anything. Just chat normally and let the AI do the rest.

How does the Roblox auto translate chat feature work?
Roblox auto translate chat feature (image credit)

Want to see the original message? No problem! Just click on a handy icon to see the untranslated text. This is great if you’re learning a new language or want to double-check something.

What about privacy and security?

Roblox takes privacy and security very seriously. Even with translation, all the usual rules still apply. Bad words and inappropriate language will still be blocked, regardless of language. So you can chat with anyone safely and comfortably.

This is not Roblox’s first foray into artificial intelligence

Roblox is always looking for ways to improve the game, and they are big fans of using artificial intelligence. Last year, they even created an AI chatbot for developers that can translate images in the game, for example, words on buildings, into your language. Pretty cool, right?

How does the Roblox auto translate chat feature work?
Roblox auto translate chat feature (image credit)

Roblox automatic translation chat is changing the rules of the game for players around the world. It opens up new possibilities for communication, friendship, and fun. So get ready to chat with anyone on Roblox, no matter what language they speak!

Don’t forget:

  • This feature only translates text chat, not voice chat.
  • It’s still under development, so you may see some glitches occasionally.

Have fun and make new friends from all over the world!

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