Google MusicFX: A revolutionary AI-powered music creation tool

Google recently introduced MusicFX, a groundbreaking music creation tool that utilizes generative AI technology. This innovative tool allows users to create their own songs using textual commands, making music production more accessible and efficient than ever before.

What is MusicFX?

MusicFX is an upgrade of Google‘s previous music creation tool MusicLM, which Google launched last year. With MusicFX, users can create high-quality music loops of up to 70 seconds, significantly improving from MusicLM. According to Google, MusicFX is a game changer for music enthusiasts and professionals alike, enabling faster and higher quality music production.

Google MusicFX: A revolutionary AI-powered music creation tool
Google MusicFX (image credit)

How to access MusicFX?

MusicFX is available through Google AI Test Kitchen, a platform that provides users with a variety of AI-powered tools and experiences. The tool was recently made generally available, and since then, more than 10 million tracks have been generated by users, proving its popularity and user-friendliness.

Create songs with textual commands

One of the most exciting features of MusicFX is the ability to create songs using textual commands. Users can enter specific commands to create the song they want, and the tool creates a 30-second version by default. However, users also have the option to extend the tracks up to 50 or 70 seconds, which gives them more flexibility in creating music. There’s also the option to loop the beginning and end of the track, allowing users to combine different parts of the song seamlessly.

On the other hand, to avoid copyright issues, Google has implemented a feature that filters out commands that mention specific artists or contain vocals. The company also uses an inaudible watermarking technology called SynthID, developed by the DeepMind team, to identify tracks coming from MusicFX. This technology helps protect the intellectual property of users’ creations.

Create lyrics with AI support

Google has also made TextFX available to all users for those who prefer to create lyrics. TextFX is an AI experience that allows anyone to explore the creative possibilities of text and language. Launched last year in collaboration with Lupe Fiasco, TextFX has been available to a select group of users but is now available to everyone.

Google MusicFX: A revolutionary AI-powered music creation tool
Google MusicFX: TextFX (image credit)

Google MusicFX is a revolutionary tool that democratizes music creation and makes it accessible to everyone. With a user-friendly interface, alternative keyword suggestions, and features like TextFX, MusicFX is an exciting development in the music industry. Whether you’re an experienced musician or a beginner, MusicFX offers a unique opportunity to explore your creativity and produce high-quality music. Try it out today and see what kind of amazing tracks you can create!

Featured image credit: MusicFX

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