WhatsApp Communities can now be used to plan events

WhatsApp is bringing a brand new feature to the Communities section. Events can now be planned in Communities. With the new feature, many users will be able to organize events in a coordinated way.

How WhatsApp’s new feature will work?

The feature coming to Communities will make it easier to organize virtual and face-to-face meetings. Similar to e-invitation services that send invitations via email, the new event feature allows members of a group to organize birthday parties, business meetings and more.

The new WhatsApp events are pinned to a group’s information page and will offer functionality such as the ability for everyone to see who’s coming, or the event of a metal concert and who’s coordinating to go.

WhatsApp Communities can now be used to plan events
Events are pinned to a group’s information page for all members to see (Image credit)

WhatsApp is also adding the ability to reply to “Announcement Groups” so that members can add comments and feedback to the manager. Another advantage of the new feature is that it minimizes replies and mutes the conversation, so people have the option to read and participate in the discussion without overwhelming others with notifications.

The Events feature will first appear in groups in WhatsApp Communities, and then across all groups in the coming months. WhatsApp Communities is a similar feature of the chat app with its own message threads, group managers and announcement functions. It also takes advantage of WhatsApp’s 32-person video calling feature, inviting users to engage instead of calling everyone.

The feature could be an important step in transforming WhatsApp from the chat-only app it was before into a multi-purpose platform.

Featured image credit: Dima Solomin / Unsplash

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