WhatsApp’s new inbox filters aim to simplify message organization

WhatsApp, the popular messaging app owned by Meta, has a brand new feature called inbox filters that will improve the user experience.

How will WhatsApp’s new feature work?

Inbox filters are designed to help you keep track of your messages more easily and find important conversations. In short, from now on you’ll be able to filter your messages into “All”, “Unread” or “Groups” via the three filter buttons at the top of your chats.

The update is part of Meta’s effort to adapt WhatsApp to its users’ needs. The messaging giant, which has over 2 billion users worldwide, started as an SMS alternative but has continued to evolve with secure messaging and other features.

How will WhatsApp's new feature work?
Meta’s focus on adapting WhatsApp to user needs is evident in the introduction of inbox filters aimed at improving message management (Image credit)

On the other hand, I have some concerns. WhatsApp worries me because of some security and privacy issues. For example, incidents like Meta suing surveillance firm NSO Group for allegedly hacking WhatsApp raise a lot of questions about the platform’s security. If you ask me, I find Telegram more secure.

Anyway, back to the topic at hand. Another criticism among users is that WhatsApp is difficult to use in some situations. Especially difficulties when adding contacts or changing phones can negatively affect the user experience. Meta has recently been looking for solutions to these problems by making various updates to make the application more flexible and modern.

WhatsApp has added new features, such as inbox filters, allowing users to use the app more effectively. However, the platform may need to do more to address security and usability issues.

Featured image credit: geralt / Pixabay

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