What would Meta Quest 3 be like if it was used in real life?

What do you think if Meta Quest 3 is used in real life? Users have started to enter public spaces with virtual reality (VR) goggles. But this time, it’s not Google’s creation; it’s Meta’s.

Meta Quest 3: Meet with Meta Glassholes

Over the weekend, users have enjoyed endless moments with their Meta Quest 3 headsets and have begun sharing some videos showcasing real-world interactions, gaming aside. While taking down enemies that appear out of nowhere on virtual screens is exciting, the most remarkable thing about Meta’s new headset is that it allows you to carry out other daily activities without taking the device off your head. This is possible thanks to Meta Quest 3’s full-color, low-latency interlaced video technology!

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People soon started pushing the boundaries in terms of both technology and social norms. A user named Jay Mayo walked around New York Comic-Con wearing Meta Quest 3, live-streaming images of other people.

A TikTok user named Kukurio59 recorded footage of himself getting into an elevator. He also recorded some public places.


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As seen in the video at the beginning of this article, mixed reality and AI enthusiast Cix Liv entered a café in San Francisco. They went to the cashier to order without hiding the café’s address.

The video has generated much interest, and we may see others considering similar actions.

Honestly, we wonder if Meta Quest 3 is ready to become the go-to title for Glassholes.

On the other hand, it is difficult to tell when Quest 3 is recording. When it starts recording, you can see a slow, pulsating white light coming from the device.

The thought that this technology could be used in public spaces in the coming years may be scary because someone could be constantly recording you.

Featured image credit: kukurio59 / TikTok

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