Vision Pro’s high price tag and low sales disappointed Apple

The tech industry was excited about Apple’s launch of its first mixed-reality headset, Vision Pro. Expected to sell millions of units worldwide and be a profitable product, Vision Pro disappointed the company with its high price and lower-than-expected sales figures.

Apple’s mixed reality dream: Expectations fall on Vision Pro

Silicon Valley’s leading company lowered its Vision Pro sales expectations for 2024 from 700-800 thousand units to 400-450 thousand units. The decline is due to a decrease in orders in markets outside the US and demand in the US being below expectations.

On the other hand, Vision Pro’s production cost exceeding $1500 and the need to produce at least four generations to be the best are among the factors that negatively affect sales.

Apple’s plans are changing accordingly. The company is redefining Vision Pro’s roadmap and is likely planning a lower-cost model. Apple doesn’t expect to see a Vision Pro with significant updates until 2027.

Apple's mixed reality dream: Expectations fall on Vision Pro
Apple’s first mixed-reality headset Vision Pro, launched with high expectations (Image credit)

This drop in the Vision Pro launch raises concerns about the future of the mixed reality market. Such devices are still relatively new and expensive, making widespread adoption difficult. Apple’s Vision Pro’s failure could also negatively impact other tech giants’ willingness to invest in this space.

But Apple is not giving up. The company plans to expand into new markets to boost Vision Pro sales. Apple remains committed to its goal of becoming a major player in the mixed reality market and will continue to invest in this area.

The future of Vision Pro remains uncertain. Apple’s plans and investments will play an important role in shaping the future of the mixed reality market. It will be exciting to follow developments in this area and to see when and how mixed reality will be integrated into our daily lives.

Featured image credit: Bram Van Oost / Unsplash

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