Second-gen Apple Vision Pro may debut in 2025

Apple Vision Pro mixed reality headset has made a big splash in the tech world since its launch in February 2024. Less than a year later, exciting leaks about the second-generation model have started to surface.

Apple Vision Pro may get a new version in 2025

According to reliable Apple analyst Mark Gurman, the new Vision Pro is expected to be released in 2025, possibly in August. This aligns with Apple’s tradition of introducing iPhones in September. Apple could even unveil both products at a special event in late August or early September.

Second-gen Apple Vision Pro may debut in 2025
The first Apple Vision Pro model made a significant impact on the technology industry after its February 2024 launch (image credit)

Unlike the annual refresh cycle of iPhones and Apple Watches, the Vision Pro will be refreshed on a multi-year basis. Apple will likely follow a similar cadence to MacBooks and iPads for the Vision Pro. Therefore, it is difficult to provide concrete information about the technical specifications of the second-generation model at this time.

Second-gen Apple Vision Pro may debut in 2025
Apple’s acclaimed Apple Vision Pro mixed reality headset will receive an updated version in 2025 (image credit)

A special look for tech enthusiasts

This information is incredibly intriguing for tech enthusiasts following Apple’s latest moves. Much anticipation surrounds the new features that will be packed into the Vision Pro and the transformation that AirPods will undergo.

Featured image credit: Igor Omilaev / Unsplash

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