Opera is now able to summarize web pages

Opera has been a popular browser for many years. It draws attention to its innovations, especially for the Android platform. Aria, an artificial intelligence assistant recently added to Opera’s Android version, offers a feature that significantly improves the user experience. Aria summarizes the visited web pages, news, or other content and presents it to users.

Opera’s Aria assistant summarizes web content for a faster user experience

This new feature of Opera works extremely fast, as shown in the video below. Opera is also taking important steps in artificial intelligence technologies. Native LLM (Large Language Model) support is one of these innovations. Usually, using large language models requires sending data to a server. However, with Opera’s native LLM support, the data stays on the user’s computer, and all processing is done locally. This is a huge advantage in terms of both data privacy and performance.

With its native LLM support, the browser supports over 150 models, such as Meta’s Llama, Google‘s Gemma, and Vicuna. These models make it possible to use various AI applications directly from the browser. For example, tasks such as writing text, translating, or generating code can now be easily performed through the browser.

It remains to be seen how Opera’s innovations will impact the browser market. The native LLM support and fast content summarization feature seem to provide users with a more efficient internet experience. Opera’s steps are just a few important steps in integrating AI into technologies. Time will tell how these innovations will transform the user experience. There is no doubt that Opera will bring many more innovations to users on this path.

Featured image credit: Panos Sakalakis / Unsplash

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