OpenAI’s ChatGPT might be creating a search engine to compete with Google Search

OpenAI’s chatbot ChatGPT may be developing a new search engine that could rival Google Search. Based on these claims, it was revealed that OpenAI recently acquired the address ““. OpenAI, which Microsoft allegedly supports in the development of the system, may have opened a new door to this project.

New search experience with ChatGPT Search Engine

Nowadays, search engines’ working logic is to return results based on the words that users search for. However, searches with ChatGPT are designed to respond to users’ questions in a conversational way. The new search engine can help search results be better understood and found faster, as well as in conversational format.

Support from Microsoft Bing

Microsoft may support search engine development. Since Microsoft has developed Bing, Google’s competitor in the search engine market, Microsoft may support Microsoft’s entry into a larger market. Microsoft’s entry may lead to increased competition in the search engine market and better services.

New search experience with ChatGPT Search Engine
OpenAI recently acquired “” which fuels rumors about the new search engine (Image credit)

ChatGPT’s “Temporary Chat” feature

ChatGPT’s recently developed “Temporary Chat” feature allows you to start chats that are not recorded and do not appear in historical conversation data. With this feature, people can chat without keeping any records. Also, the content will not be used in GPT large language model training. The “Temporary Chat” feature is available on both web and mobile platforms.

ChatGPT’s “Memory” feature

Since it was opened to Plus subscriptions, ChatGPT’s “Memory” feature has been of great interest. This feature allows people to save any information they want in the chatbot’s memory. The feature allows the chatbot to respond to new conversations by considering previously saved information. It will greatly benefit people who constantly use the chatbot and often have to be reminded of certain topics or situations.

Featured image credit: Jonathan Kemper / Unsplash

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