ChatGPT is now accessible without requiring an account

  • ChatGPT is now accessible without requiring an account, making it easier to try the AI chatbot
  • Removing the account requirement could significantly expand ChatGPT’s user base
  • Using ChatGPT without an account means sacrificing features like saving conversations and prevents the use of custom instructions
  • OpenAI has implemented additional safeguards to address potential risks associated with account-less use of ChatGPT

OpenAI has made its flagship AI chatbot, ChatGPT, accessible to users without creating an account.

You do not need to create an account if you are actively using ChatGPT or will use it for the first time.

ChatGPT no longer requires an account for use

ChatGPT can be accessed without logging in at Thus, users can start chatting directly with ChatGPT without any registration process. We can say that it is highly likely that ChatGPT will reach a wider audience from now on.

ChatGPT is now accessible without requiring an account
OpenAI aims to make AI technology more accessible (Image credit)

On the other hand, using ChatGPT without creating an account has some disadvantages. When you create and use an account, features like saving and sharing chats or using special instructions are available. If you use it without an account, you lose these features. Also, the training data will include chat data without logging in.

OpenAI is aware of the potential risks of this new feature. That’s why it has taken additional security measures for non-account holders and against possible threats for users who have logged out of GPT-3.5.

OpenAI has also created special teams to combat the misuse of AI models. These teams were also involved in creating the new feature and have indicated that they will adjust accordingly if unexpected threats arise.

Featured image credit: Jonathan Kemper / Unsplash

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