Netflix increases subscribers by 9.3 million

Netflix exceeded analysts’ expectations with a tremendous performance in the last quarter. It gained 9.3 million new users, bringing the number of subscribers to a record high worldwide. This rapid increase in the number of subscribers can be considered a sign of a return to the growth slowdown experienced in the post-pandemic period.

However, the news that Netflix will no longer report the number of subscribers drew attention. With this strategic change, the company is shifting its focus away from the number of subscribers and towards broader financial indicators. Thus, it emphasizes that different criteria, such as revenue, are also important.

Netflix increases subscribers by 9.3 million
Analysts say that Netflix is the winner of the streaming wars (Image credit)

Increasing the variety and quality of content on Netflix’s platform is at the forefront of its future plans. Efforts will be made to ensure that users can easily access new content and to make ad-supported services more attractive. This can be considered one of the steps the company is taking to achieve its healthy and long-term growth targets.

Analysts say that Netflix is the winner of the streaming wars, and this success will continue. In particular, data showing that the restriction of password sharing has reaccelerated growth in the US and Canada shows that the company is promising. These strategic moves will likely help Netflix maintain its leadership in the industry and continue its growth.

Featured image credit: Venti Views / Unsplash

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