Is Star Citizen a scam? Why it needs so much money and time

Is Star Citizen a scam? If you follow gaming news online, you’ve encountered scathing articles or videos claiming that Star Citizen is a hoax. But before you join the bandwagon, let me tell you why we don’t think it is.

Is Star Citizen a scam?

First, let’s talk about the elephant in the room: the game has been developing for an eternity. Yes, Star Citizen has indeed been in alpha for a long time, but that doesn’t automatically make it a scam. If we compare it to other notoriously laggy games like Duke Nukem Forever or Daikatana, Star Citizen is doing quite well.

So why all the fuss? First, Star Citizen offers detail and complexity that few games can match. From simulation-style mechanics to a richly detailed universe, this game ticks all the right boxes for fans of space exploration and combat. The graphics are gorgeous.

Now we know what you’re thinking: “But wait, didn’t they promise the moon and stars?” The answer is yes, they did. But remember, this is a niche product, and the developers are working hard to fulfill those promises. Development takes time, especially when creating something as ambitious as Star Citizen.

Sure, some features may drag on, but honestly, many players (like yours truly) are okay with that. We want to get our money’s worth and are ready to wait for the final product. After all, we’re not just playing a game here; we’re investing in a vision.

So, should you play Star Citizen? It depends on your level of patience. This game requires a lot of patience, especially since it’s still in alpha, and there will be bugs and server issues. But if you’re willing to take the risk and join us as early adopters, you may lose yourself in a galaxy of possibilities.

Is Star Citizen a scam? Why it needs so much money and time
Is Star Citizen a scam?

Development timeline

The development of Star Citizen began in 2011 and continues to the present day.

From Wing Commander to Star Citizen

In 2011, Chris Roberts wanted to create another game, possibly under the Wing Commander brand, but he felt constrained by the limitations of traditional publisher-funded games. He decided to focus on the PC platform, where technology is advancing faster than consoles, and he wanted to control his destiny as the Chief Creative Officer of Bl!nk Media International.

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Early concept art and prototype

In 2011, concept art shared by Rob McKinnon hinted at an initially Wing Commander-themed game. Chris Roberts spent over a year building the game’s backstory and creating a prototype in CryEngine, presented at the campaign launch. A small team of writers, designers, and engineers assisted in this process, with Sean Tracy, Paul Reindell, and other Wing Commander fans contributing to the prototype even after hours.

Crowdfunding begins

In 2012, a teaser trailer for Chris Roberts’ untitled project was released, marking the beginning of crowdfunding efforts. The video showcased the game’s early concept art and promised a cinematic experience with deep storytelling and immersive gameplay. Below, you can see the trailer:

That’s everything we know! We think Star Citizen isn’t a scam.

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