Instagram messages blacked out: How to fix the issue?

In the fast-paced world of social media, Instagram stands tall as one of the most popular platforms for sharing moments and staying connected. However, like any digital application, it’s not immune to occasional hiccups. Among the frustrations experienced by users, one issue that has been causing concern is “Instagram messages blacked out.” Fear not, for we delve into this predicament and present effective solutions to ensure a seamless messaging experience.

Instagram messages blacked out: How to fix it

You receive a direct message on Instagram, eagerly anticipating its contents, only to find the message obscured by a perplexing black screen. Frustrating, isn’t it? This phenomenon has affected users across various devices, causing inconvenience and hindering communication.

Root Cause Analysis: Understanding the origin of the problem is crucial in resolving it efficiently. The “Instagram messages blacked out” glitch isn’t caused by external factors like your internet connection or device health. Instead, it stems from the app itself. Notably, the bug appeared after a specific update that Instagram rolled out in May 2022, suggesting that some unintended elements made their way into the application, leading to this vexing issue.

Instagram messages blacked out: How to fix the issue?
Instagram messages blacked out (image credit)

Solutions at Your Fingertips: Thankfully, there are practical measures you can take to mitigate the problem until Instagram delivers a permanent fix. The primary solution might surprise you—Dark Mode! Yes, by switching your phone to Dark Mode, the blacked-out messages can often be deciphered, and you can read them without a hitch.

For iPhone users

  • Navigate to your iPhone settings.
  • Select the “Display & Brightness” option.
  • Choose “Dark” mode.

For Android Users

The steps for Android devices might slightly differ based on your device’s make and model, but they typically involve these options:

  • Go to the Settings menu.
  • Head to the “Display” section.
  • Enable Dark Mode or Dark Theme.

Furthermore, if you find that Dark Mode doesn’t do the trick, it’s worth checking if your Instagram app is up to date. An outdated build could be the culprit, so visit your respective app store to update Instagram to the latest version and check if the messages are now visible.

In the rare event that neither Dark Mode nor an app update resolves the issue, rest assured that Instagram is likely working diligently to rectify the problem. Keeping an eye out for future bug fixes and updates could soon lead to a resolution.

While encountering bugs in popular apps like Instagram is not uncommon, it can be frustrating to navigate through such inconveniences. Nevertheless, knowing that there are workarounds for the “Instagram messages blacked out” problem brings some relief. However, the ultimate solution lies in patience as you wait for Instagram’s technical team to tackle the issue head-on.

Instagram messages blacked out: How to fix it
Instagram messages blacked out (image credit)


In conclusion, the “Instagram messages blacked out” issue has put a damper on the otherwise smooth experience for many users. We’ve explored the root cause of this glitch and provided practical solutions, such as enabling Dark Mode, updating the app, and awaiting a permanent fix from Instagram. Rest assured, by following these steps, you can overcome the challenge and ensure seamless messaging on this popular social media platform. Stay connected, and happy Instagramming!

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