Google Maps got a major update for electric car drivers and everyone else

Calling all electric car drivers (and everyone else, too)! Google Maps just got a major upgrade, making your journeys smoother than ever. Now, you can find charging stations in a flash, follow your route with crystal clarity, and even discover delicious pit stops along the way. Buckle up, and let’s explore these awesome features!

Google Maps update: What’s new?

Electric vehicles are all the rage, but where do you juice up? Google Maps has you covered. Select your electric car in the app, and voila! You can filter for charging stations right in the search bar. See all the stations on your route at a glance, choose the one that fits your needs, and hit the road with confidence. No more range anxiety here!

Need to get somewhere? Google Maps makes it a breeze. Your route is highlighted with a clear blue line so you can easily see the roads you’ll be taking and how much ground you’ll cover. Reaching your destination without getting lost? Child’s play! Long journeys are no sweat with Google Maps as your guide.

Google Maps update: What's new?
Google Maps makes your travels a joy (Image credit)

Traveling isn’t just about the destination but the whole experience. Google Maps takes your trip to the next level by showing you restaurants and cafes along the way. Are you hungry? Find the perfect spot for a delicious break and recharge your body (and your taste buds!) before continuing your journey. It’s the ideal way to beat road trip fatigue and keep your travel spirits high.

These fantastic updates are currently rolling out for Android users. Don’t worry, iPhone fans, Google hasn’t forgotten about you! We expect to see these features on the iOS version soon.

With its user-friendly design, comprehensive info, and innovative features, Google Maps makes your travels a joy. Whether you’re an electric vehicle driver looking for charging stations or just someone who wants to navigate easily and discover hidden gems on the road, Google Maps is becoming an essential travel companion. So get ready for smooth sailing (or, should we say, smooth driving?) with the latest updates!

Featured image credit: henry perks / Unsplash

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