Google announced a new AI-based photo search system called Ask Photos

Today, as the number of our digital photos grows rapidly, searching through them is becoming increasingly difficult. However, Google has taken a revolutionary step and announced a technology that will radically change our photo search experience. Sundar Pichai introduced the new “Ask Photos” feature at Google’s I/O conference.

What is Ask Photos?

Ask Photos is an AI-based system that responds more directly and intelligently to users’ search requests. For example, searching for a car license plate is laborious with existing systems. But Ask Photos connects to past photos of the license plate you’re looking for and presents the correct license plate number in text and image format.

Google Photos now supports AI: Ask Photos
Ask Photos can find specific information in photos, like car license plates (Image credit)

This feature is not limited to license plate numbers. It can also be used for more complex requests, such as capturing the best moments in your vacation photos or searching for a specific object. By recognizing the text in the photo, AI can answer your questions more clearly. You can even take a photo of your passport number or an important document, save it, and ask for it when needed.

Ask Photos is a step forward in Google’s photo editing and sharing app. It offers a smarter and more effective search experience by better understanding users’ needs. This is practical in everyday life and makes it easier to access information in photos.

As part of Google’s continuous development in artificial intelligence, Ask Photos aims to provide faster and more effective responses to users’ needs. This feature is a photo search tool and an intelligent assistant that enriches users’ interaction with their photos.

While this development facilitates access to the information in our photos, it also raises security and privacy concerns. Google takes strict security measures to ensure that users’ data is safe. Ask Photos is a high-tech product that combines both practicality and security.

Google Photos now supports AI: Ask Photos
Ask Photos uses AI to recognize text in photos to answer your questions (Image credit)

This feature is extremely user-friendly and reflects Google’s innovative approach to photo search. It changes the search experience and enriches our relationship with our photos. Similar technologies are hoped to become more widespread in the future, making our daily lives easier.

Featured image credit: Google

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