Elon Musk: All Premium subscribers on X get AI chatbot Grok this week

Grok, the AI chatbot of social media platform X, which Elon Musk acquired in 2022, is now available to all Premium users.

Grok, which was previously exclusive to Premium+ subscribers, will reach a wider audience starting this week.

Grok AI chatbot launches to all Premium users this week

Grok will rival other chatbots, such as OpenAI’s ChatGPT chatbot and Anthropic’s Claude. However, Grok will be able to chat on topics that are forbidden in other chatbots, such as conspiracy theories.

One of Grok’s most important features is that it can access real-time X data. This allows it to provide more up-to-date and accurate information than other chatbots.

 Elon Musk: All Premium subscribers on X get AI chatbot Grok this week
Elon Musk has opened up the Grok AI chatbot to all Premium users on the social media platform X (Image credit)

Grok is expected to play an important role in increasing the number of subscribers and revenue of X. While there has been an influx of users from the platform recently, Grok can help reverse this flow.

The rollout of Grok to all Premium subscribers was met with excitement on X. Musk’s move could make the platform more attractive and attract new users.

Below, you can see Elon Musk‘s X post:

What will Grok bring to X?

Grok is expected to make many contributions to X. Here are a few of them:

  • Increase user engagement
  • Enabling users to spend more time on the platform
  • Attract new users
  • Increase X’s revenue

What do I need to do to try Grok?

To try Grok, you need to subscribe to X’s Premium or Premium+ subscriptions. Premium subscriptions start at $8 per month and $84 per year, while Premium+ subscriptions start at $16 per month and $168 per year.

Time will tell how Grok will contribute to X and the platform’s future.

Featured image credit: Doge Designer / X

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