Apple laid off more than 600 employees

In recent weeks, we shared with you that the technology giant Apple shelved its electric car project known by the code name Project Titan. Following this development, the company announced that it had laid off more than 600 employees associated with the project.

Apple parted ways with more than 600 employees

The official document that Apple laid off 614 employees in California shows that this is the company’s first large-scale layoff move since the pandemic. The affected employees worked at eight different facilities in Santa Clara. According to the official notice, layoffs will be implemented starting 27 May.

Apple’s slower growth compared to its competitors during the pandemic period is cited as the reason for the company to go to this kind of downsizing. This move may also affect Apple’s growth plans in markets other than iPhone.

Apple laid off more than 600 employees
Due to the project’s cancellation, Apple has laid off over 600 employees (Image credit)

Among those laid off are employees in critical roles such as machine shop managers, hardware engineers, and product design engineers.

With this decision, the company greatly impacted the technology industry. Experts express concerns about the company’s future plans and financial situation. At the same time, it is a matter of curiosity whether compensation and relocation assistance will be provided to the dismissed employees.

While Apple’s electric car dreams were shelved, the new home robots project was announced recently. It seems that Apple may start robot production. We will see how the company will make decisions in the future.

Featured image credit: Medhat Dawoud / Unsplash

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