Apple Car Project Titan officially canceled

Technology giant Apple has officially canceled Project Titan, its ambitious self-driving electric car project, after 10 years of development. Here are all the details…

Apple’s electric car project canceled

According to Bloomberg, Apple has announced that it is canceling Project Titan. This difficult decision comes at a time of reassessment in the automotive industry, with major automakers such as Mercedes recently adjusting their strategies to transition to an all-electric lineup.

Apple Car Project Titan officially canceled
Apple has officially canceled its decade-long electric car project, known as Project Titan (image credit)

Apple Car’s stormy journey

Rumors about the Apple Car project have persisted for years, with internal struggles and changes in direction. Now, Bloomberg’s report confirms that the project has officially been canceled. Many of the teams previously focused on the Apple Car have reportedly been redirected to the company’s artificial intelligence initiatives, pointing to potential improvements in future iOS releases.

Industry insiders have long noted the difficulties with the project, which has seen significant personnel changes. Apple’s initial vision of a fully autonomous vehicle without traditional controls (steering wheel and pedals) has reportedly shifted towards a more traditional design, with a planned launch date of 2028.

Apple Car Project Titan officially canceled
The decision to cancel Project Titan comes amid broader changes and challenges within the automotive industry (image credit)

Tech giants and the automotive industry

Apple’s setback underscores the complexities that tech companies face when entering the automotive market. However, other major players, notably Chinese firms like Xiaomi and Huawei, are actively pursuing car development projects. Xiaomi’s recent unveiling of the sporty SU7 at MWC 2024 shows the ongoing efforts of tech companies to make their mark in the automotive world.

Final words

Canceling the Apple Car project represents a significant milestone for the company and creates uncertainty about its future automotive plans. While the reasons for the decision remain somewhat unclear, it underscores the challenges of bringing together cutting-edge technology and the demands of car manufacturing. The wider EV industry and autonomous driving technology continue to evolve, but Apple’s absence from this arena leaves a glaring gap.

Featured image credit: Andy Wang / Unsplash

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