Next-gen Apple CarPlay arrives with exciting updates

Ready to take your in-car experience to the next level with Apple CarPlay? Apple has some exciting updates in store for you. The tech giant has announced that the first models with next-generation CarPlay support will be available in 2024, but the exact release date and availability in other countries remains a mystery for now.

What will the new CarPlay app offer?

For starters, your CarPlay experience will be even more customizable, with the ability to adjust the theme and color scheme of the interface to match your dashboard. Let’s take a look at eight new apps you can tinker with.

What will the new CarPlay app offer?
What will the new CarPlay app offer? (image credit)
  • Auto-tune: This app will help you easily manage your paired iPhone and adjust vehicle settings.
  • Dashcam: With this app, you can control your car’s rearview camera and get a clear view of what’s going on behind your car.
  • Charging: This app is a game changer if you have an electric vehicle. You’ll be able to monitor your battery level, charging status, and more from your CarPlay screen.
  • Climate: Stay comfortable on the road with the Climate app, which lets you control your car’s cooling and heating system with just a few taps.
  • Closure: This app ensures you never leave a door open again. It alerts you if a door is open, so you can avoid annoying beeps and keep your car safe.
  • Media: With the Media app, you will have access to all your favorite FM and AM radio station controls, SiriusXM, and other media options. You will be the DJ of your own in-car entertainment!

    What will the new CarPlay app offer?
    What will the new CarPlay app offer? (image credit)
  • Tire Pressure: Stay safe on the road with the Tire Pressure app, which displays the air pressure of your tires, gives low/high-pressure alerts, and even alerts you when you have a flat tire.
  • Trips: This app will be your new best friend for road trips. It will provide you with a variety of driving-related data, including your vehicle’s average speed, fuel/energy efficiency, travel time, and distance traveled. You will be able to track your progress and stay informed about your journey.

That’s all for now! We are excited about the new CarPlay features and can’t wait to try them out. Stay tuned for more updates!

Featured image credit: Li Yan / Unsplash

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