Apple advances augmented reality with VisionOS 1.1

Apple has taken a major step towards further enhancing the augmented reality (AR) experience with the release of VisionOS 1.1. The new VisionOS 1.1 update significantly improves user personas, enterprise device management, and the overall user experience.

VisionOS 1.1 improved user personas

VisionOS 1.1 includes significant improvements to user personas. Improvements in areas such as hair and make-up appearance, neck and mouth representation, and the creation of eyes with EyeSight make the AR experience more realistic and personalized.

Apple advances augmented reality with VisionOS 1.1
Apple’s release of VisionOS 1.1 represents a significant advancement in augmented reality (AR) experiences (image credit)

On the other hand, the ability to adjust personas without holding the device with the “Hands-Free Capture” mode increases user comfort.

Corporate device management becomes easier

VisionOS 1.1 allows organizations to easily manage their AR devices with the Mobile Device Management (MDM) feature. With this feature, administrators can set up devices for custom configuration, install applications at scale, and perform remote device wipes. Jeremy Butcher, responsible for Apple’s enterprise product marketing, emphasizes the importance of this feature as follows: “To unlock the full power of Apple Vision Pro, we recognize that businesses will want to manage these devices at scale. We’re bringing a lot of great technology to Vision Pro to do that.”

VisionOS 1.1 is accompanied by a growing ecosystem, with over 1,000 native apps now available in the App Store

Improving the overall user experience

VisionOS 1.1 also includes several updates to improve the user experience. Users can now delete system apps from the Home View. Mac Virtual Display makes it easier to find and connect to the Mac, the virtual keyboard provides better text input accuracy, and Apple Immersive video caption controls have been updated.

Increased number of apps

As the VisionOS platform grows in popularity, so does the number of native apps available in the App Store. Today, there are more than 1,000 VisionOS apps in the App Store, giving users more options to customize their AR experience and use it in different areas.

Apple advances augmented reality with VisionOS 1.1
VisionOS 1.1 offers major enhancements to the realism and personalization of user personas in AR (image credit)

VisionOS 1.1 is an important update that will help Apple consolidate its leadership in the augmented reality market. With enhanced personas, enterprise device management, and overall user experience improvements, Vision Pro aims to appeal to a wider audience and accelerate the adoption of AR technology.

Featured image credit: Roméo A. / Unsplash

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