Adobe Premiere Pro is getting new AI features and integrations

Adobe is constantly improving Premiere Pro, its indispensable application for video editing. Now, it’s working on new AI features and integrations to give users more flexibility and creativity.

AI-powered tools coming to Adobe Premiere Pro

According to Adobe’s latest announcement, Premiere Pro users can soon extend their footage using third-party integrations. So, what does this mean?

Users can use resources like OpenAI and Runway to add new content to their videos and create more effective projects.

In particular, Adobe’s “Generative Extend” feature will allow video editors to make their clips longer. The feature will allow users to extend existing clips before shooting new footage, saving time and resources.

In addition, the Firefly text-to-image renderer model, which will be integrated into Premiere Pro, will offer users a completely new experience. This model will enable users to identify AI-generated media within the software, helping to address concerns such as deep fakes.

Adobe aims to streamline the video editing process. New integrations and features will make it easier for users to work without limiting their creativity. This will allow both professional video editors and amateur users to do their work more effectively.

Alongside these innovations, Adobe also addresses concerns about its production AI tools. Metadata such as Content Credentials will allow users to manage AI-generated media better, reducing security concerns.

AI-powered tools coming to Premiere Pro
“Generative Extend” will let users lengthen clips without new filming (Image credit)

Adobe’s new integrations and features for Premiere Pro are a major advance in video editing. They will allow users to work more flexibly and creatively, making the video editing process more efficient.

Featured image credit: Adobe Video & Motion / YouTube

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