Silence unknown users feature is coming to WhatsApp Web

WhatsApp Web is a popular communication platform that offers a range of features to its users. Recently, it was announced that WhatsApp Web would be introducing a new feature called “Silence unknown callers” to enhance user privacy and control over incoming calls.

This feature is already available on iOS and Android versions of WhatsApp, and its integration into WhatsApp Web will provide users with a more seamless experience.

WhatsApp Web: What is the Silence unknown callers feature?

The “Silence unknown callers” feature automatically filters out spam, scam attempts, and calls from unknown callers, giving users more control over their incoming calls. This feature doesn’t allow unknown callers to ring on your phone, but they will still appear in your call list if the caller turns out to be someone important. This feature is designed to protect users against unwanted calls and interruptions.

Silence unknown users feature is coming to WhatsApp Web
Silence unknown users feature is coming to WhatsApp Web

Apart from this feature, WhatsApp Web is also set to introduce other innovations to enhance the user experience. For instance, the platform will soon allow users to open polls on channels. Additionally, WhatsApp for iOS is set to receive a color customization feature currently in beta testing. This feature will enable users to choose between five different colors, and the chosen color will appear in many places as the main theme color of the application.

Moreover, WhatsApp Web will soon allow users to search by username, which will make it easier for users to find and connect with people they want to communicate with. The company is also working on offering the possibility to create a username on the web client.

Another exciting feature that WhatsApp Web users will soon get to enjoy is the ability to share “status” on the web version. This feature is being beta-tested and will most likely be activated for everyone before the end of the first quarter of 2024.

Furthermore, WhatsApp is working on multi-message pinning, and audio in-screen shares will soon be included. The company has allowed users to screen share during video calls for some time now, but this feature did not include audio. However, this will soon change as WhatsApp develops a new infrastructure that will enable users to transfer sounds and screenshots during screen sharing. This feature will pave the way for joint viewing experiences, allowing two people to watch a TV show, YouTube video, or movie together over screen sharing.

Silence unknown users feature is coming to WhatsApp Web
Silence unknown users feature is coming to WhatsApp Web

In summary, WhatsApp Web is set to introduce several new features that will enhance the user experience. These features, including “Silence unknown callers,” polls on channels, color customization, search by username, and audio in screen shares, will provide users with more control, flexibility, and functionality. With these developments, WhatsApp Web is poised to remain a popular communication platform for users worldwide.

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