Apple Music rivals Spotify Wrapped: Introducing monthly Replay feature

Apple Music Replay feature has taken a step further in personalizing the music listening experience by introducing a monthly version of its annual “Replay” feature. With this, users can track their favorite songs, artists, and albums at the end of the year and every month.

What is Apple Music Replay?

Apple Music Replay is a personalized feature that gives you a deep dive into your music listening habits. It’s like your personal music tracker throughout the year, culminating in a grand year-end summary. With the newly introduced monthly Replay, you’ll get a monthly breakdown of your top songs, artists, albums, and listening time. So, keeps you updated on how your music tastes evolve. At the end of the year, Replay provides a full recap of your musical journey, highlighting your overall top songs, artists, genres, and interesting stats like your total listening time.

Apple Music also creates a personalized playlist based on your most played songs, the Replay Mix. For 2024, you can access this playlist now, and it updates weekly to offer you a dynamic soundtrack throughout the year. Plus, you can easily share your Replay insights with friends and family, sparking fun music conversations and sharing your sonic discoveries.

What is Apple Music Replay?
Apple Music Replay now offers a monthly breakdown of your listening habits in addition to its annual summary (image credit)

Your monthly top hits are at your fingertips with Replay feature

The monthly Replay feature can be accessed via or the Apple Music app. After signing in with their Apple ID, users can see their most listened-to songs and their monthly listening time. Apple Music makes it easy to track changes in listening habits and discover new music.

The joy of sharing

Monthly Replay data can also be shared with family and friends. With social media integration, you can easily share your favorite songs and artists and explore musical tastes with those around you.

Personalized experience from Apple Music

Apple Music is taking on Spotify Wrapped by making Replay monthly. Spotify Wrapped introduced various new features in 2023, including an AI DJ and a feature that matches users with cities based on listening history. Apple Music’s monthly Replay feature adds a new dimension to this competition.

The 2024 Replay Mix Playlist is now available

Apple Music’s 2024 Replay Mix playlist has also been released today. This list offers a personalized music experience by bringing together users’ most listened-to songs and new discoveries. Replay Mix is updated weekly, providing a dynamic music stream.

Apple Music’s monthly Replay feature makes music listening more enjoyable and personalized. You can discover new music and share your musical taste with family and friends by tracking your monthly listening data.

Which Apple Music subscription plans is it available on?

The monthly Replay feature is available on all Apple Music subscription plans. Individual, Family, and Student plans can access this feature. Users on the free trial cannot see their monthly Replay data.

What is Apple Music Replay?
Apple Music Replay tracks your top songs, artists, albums, and listening time each month (image credit)

How can users customize Monthly Replay data?

Apple Music offers various options to customize monthly Replay data. Users can:

  • Select the time range: Users can choose which month’s data they want to see.
  • Filter top hits: You can filter the most listened-to songs by genre, artist, or album.
  • Adjust sharing settings: You can choose who can see your monthly Replay data.

How the Monthly Replay feature affects your music listening habits

The monthly Replay feature can potentially affect your music listening habits. With this feature, you can:

  • Get to know your music taste better: You can see which genres, artists, and songs you listen to the most.
  • Discover new music: Monthly Replay recommends new music similar to your favorite artists.
  • Track your listening habits: You can see how your musical taste has changed over time.

By taking advantage of the features offered by the monthly Replay feature, you can make your music listening experience more enjoyable and personalized.

Featured image credit: Daniel Cañibano / Unsplash

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