Towards to epic journey: Elden Ring story progression

Prepare for a wonderful journey! We take a deep journey into the Elden Ring story progression. Embarking on the epic journey that is Elden Ring might seem daunting, with its vast and intricate map sprawled out before you. But fear not, for within this expansive realm lies a relatively simple progression route, should you be eager to reach the end. As you traverse this captivating landscape, prepare to confront a myriad of challenges that will put your skills to the test. Yet, in the heart of the adventure lies the choice – follow the main storyline or take the path of the completionist to uncover every nook and cranny.

Explained: Elden Ring story progression

Before plunging headlong into the heart of Elden Ring, consider wandering off the beaten path. While the main route presents a clear trajectory towards the finale, don’t ignore the opportunity to delve into the surrounding regions. In each of these areas, formidable bosses await, and the prudent adventurer will arm themselves by scouring hidden catacombs, caves, and forts, collecting powerful runes, weaponry, and armor to bolster their strength.

Venturing forth, you’ll discover that each region harbors catacombs, tunnels, and hidden treasures, each containing vital items crucial to your impending journey. Seek out hidden passages, explore uncharted caves, and uncover the secrets that these locales hold.

Towards to epic journey: Elden Ring story progression
Towards to epic journey: Elden Ring story progression (image credit)

The main story unfolded: A challenge to face

For those resolved to unravel the central narrative thread of Elden Ring, the main story path awaits. Prepare yourself for an arduous challenge that will test your mettle at every turn. Yet, to truly savor this experience, it’s wise to heed the call of preparation. Equip yourself with formidable weapons, amass resources, and elevate your levels to match the daunting adversaries awaiting you.

But the path is not solitary; it’s a dance with danger and a symphony of strategy. Gather indispensable items, such as Smithing Stones, Ghost Gloveworts, and Sacred Tears. Only by being armed with these tools will you stand a chance against the enigmatic foes that loom ahead.

Region by region: The progression

As your journey unfolds, the regions of Elden Ring hold their secrets and challenges, each contributing to your character’s growth and the game’s overarching story. Here’s a succinct guide to the progression within each region:


  • Recommended level: 1 – 20
  • Recommended weapon level: 1 to 3 (regular), 1 to 2 (unique)
  • Key actions: Obtain Crafting Kit, acquire Spirit Calling Bell, meet Melina for Spectral Steed Whistle

Stormhil and Stormveil Castle

  • Recommended level: 20 – 40
  • Recommended weapon level: 4 to 6 (regular), 3 to 4 (unique)
  • Key actions: Defeat Margit, visit Roundtable Hold, conquer Godrick the Grafted
Towards to epic journey: Elden Ring story progression
Elden Ring story progression: Gather indispensable items, such as Smithing Stones, Ghost Gloveworts, and Sacred Tears (image credit)

Liurnia of the Lakes

  • Recommended level: 40 – 50
  • Recommended weapon level: 4 to 6 (regular), 3 to 4 (unique)
  • Key actions: Obtain Academy Glintstone Key, enter Raya Lucaria

Academy of Raya Lucaria

  • Recommended level: 50 – 60
  • Recommended weapon level: 7 to 9 (regular), 5 (unique)
  • Key actions: Defeat the Red Wolf of Radagon, confront Rennala, Queen of the Full Moon

… and so the journey continues region by region, each with its unique challenges and accomplishments.

Endings: A choice to make

As the crescendo approaches, the tapestry of Elden Ring culminates in a multitude of endings, each capturing a distinct facet of the narrative. Will you embrace the Age of Fracture, the standard conclusion? Or delve deeper to uncover the Blessing of Despair, Age of the Duskborn, and Age of Order?

For the bold, the path of the Lord of Frenzied Flame beckons, unlocking once the Frenzied Flame is inherited. Finally, there’s the Age of the Stars, tied to the enigmatic Ranni the Witch.

Towards to epic journey: Elden Ring story progression
Elden Ring story progression: (image credit)

Completing the circle: Achievements and trophies

The completionist’s journey goes beyond the main storyline, guiding you through the intricate tapestry of Elden Ring’s achievements and trophies. From Limgrave to Capital Outskirts, meticulous actions and critical decisions pave the way to mastery. The path is intricate, but through each challenge, you inch closer to 100% completion.

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In closing

As you step into Elden Ring’s fantastical expanse, remember that both completionists and those focused on the main story can find their stride. Whether battling bosses, unearthing treasures, or delving into intricate lore, your journey will be as rich and nuanced as the tapestry that FromSoftware has woven.

So take up your sword, armor, and sorcery, and let Elden Ring’s intricate world unfold before you. Adventure beckons and your path awaits your stride.

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