TikTok-like short videos coming to LinkedIn

LinkedIn, the platform used by professionals to connect with each other, will feature short videos like TikTok. Although LinkedIn has traditionally focused on long-form text content, it recognizes the growing importance of video content.

The new feature allows users to share their experiences, advice, and career ideas through short videos. Users can learn about job search tips, interview experiences, career advice, and professional development.

TikTok-like short videos coming to LinkedIn
Users can create short videos focused on career advice, job search strategies, and professional experiences (Image credit)

This move by LinkedIn can be interpreted as an indication of the platform’s effort to become more dynamic and interactive. Short videos allow users to learn and share information more quickly and easily.

So, how will this new feature affect LinkedIn?

  • More interaction: This could encourage users to spend more time on the platform and interact more with each other, contributing to its overall vibrancy and activity.

    TikTok-like short videos coming to LinkedIn
    LinkedIn will introduce a TikTok-style short video feature to its platform (Image credit)
  • Expanding audience: Short videos can help LinkedIn reach a wider audience. This may make LinkedIn more attractive to younger generations who are familiar with platforms such as TikTok.
  • Increased knowledge sharing: Short videos will allow users to share their knowledge and experiences more easily, contributing to increased platform knowledge and expert opinions.

LinkedIn’s new short video feature is an important development for the platform’s future. If successful, it could help LinkedIn reach a wider audience and position itself as a leading platform in the business world.

Featured image credit: Greg Bulla / Unsplash

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