SpaceX unveils their Extravehicular Activity (EVA) astranaut suit

Elon Musk’s SpaceX has announced a new generation of spacewalker astronaut suits. This new suit, called SpaceX Extravehicular Activity (EVA), has a structure that astronauts can easily wear outside the spacecraft. Providing freedom of movement and comfort, the suit has an advanced HUD system that astronauts can visualize. There is also a camera inside the suit.

SpaceX has also taken a step alongside NASA in space suits. In 2022, NASA announced the next-generation spacesuit that astronauts can use in the future. This suit is a model developed by private space companies Axiom Space and Collins Aerospace. NASA has also started working with SpaceX as part of the Artemis program to land humans back on the lunar surface.

SpaceX unveils new astronaut suit
SpaceX unveils new astronaut suit

NASA realized that private companies could do space adventures cheaper and faster, so instead of developing them in-house, it started outsourcing. NASA is gearing up to land astronauts on the lunar surface in 2025 and is making all the preparations needed to make this happen. The prototype suit, which emerged under a contract signed by Axiom Space, will use the next-generation spacesuit designed to protect astronauts who will walk on the Moon.

Axiom Space president Mike Suffredini made the following statements about the new suit: “We are designing an advanced spacesuit that will enable astronauts to safely and effectively perform missions on the Moon“. This new suit is ready to meet the challenges of the lunar south pole and will help us learn more about the Moon so that we can stay there longer.

A video has been released showing the work that went into bringing SpaceX’s new suit to life in its entirety. The video shows the suit’s features and benefits and how astronauts can use it on spacewalks. SpaceX’s latest development is a great addition to its impressive space archaeology collection.

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