Samsung may be working on a smartwatch with a rectangular dial

Competition in the smartwatch market has become especially fierce between Apple and Samsung. Both tech giants are now working on their own new smartwatch models.

According to a report published by SamMobile, Samsung is planning to abandon its round-screen Galaxy Watch models and switch to a rectangular screen design.

Samsung might change their Galaxy Watch dial

This won’t be Samsung’s first rectangular smartwatch. Launched in 2013, the Galaxy Gear also had a rectangular display. A rectangular display could make it easier to interact with notifications and provide more screen real estate.

Samsung may be working on a smartwatch with a rectangular dial
Samsung may be switching from round to rectangular displays for future Galaxy Watch models (image source)

The report states that this design change could happen this year or next. However, it seems unlikely that the new design will be included in the Galaxy Watch 7 series. The redesign could be seen in a later model.

The rectangular screen can negatively affect battery life. Therefore, it is curious how Samsung will solve this problem. It is also thought that the rotating dial in the Galaxy Watch Classic series may be removed with this design change.

How will Samsung’s rectangular smartwatch design work against Apple Watch? Time will tell the answer to this question.

Samsung may be working on a smartwatch with a rectangular dial
Samsung’s possible design change could arrive this year or next (image source)

Advantages and disadvantages

Here are some advantages and disadvantages of smartwatches with rectangular displays:


  • Easier interaction with notifications
  • More screen space
  • A more modern look


  • Battery life may be shorter
  • Some features, such as the rotary dial, can be removed
  • It may appear more voluminous at the wrist

Featured image credit: Amanz / Unsplash

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