Peeps Pepsi returns: Where to find and buy it in 2023?

If you like Peeps Pepsi, here is surprise: It returns, so we tell you where to find it and its release date. Even though Pepsi may be falling short of Coke in terms of overall sales, you can’t deny that it is making every effort to establish itself as the soda maker with the most, unique flavor options. Aside from the Pepsi x Peeps Easter release in 2021, which was only available as a sweepstakes winner, the company has previously released unusual and limited-edition Pepsi tastes such as chocolate marshmallows, graham crackers, and nutmeg soda.


Although it’s probable that Pepsi employed a similar recipe in the marshmallow-flavored beverage that was a part of their summer’s mores collection, the corporation was reportedly on hold for 2022. Since Pepsi Peeps is returning in 2023 and will this time be made available to the whole public, it appears that someone must be purchasing these marshmallow-flavored sodas. Even though the semi-official release is still a few days away, keen-eyed Peeps Pepsi enthusiasts have already spotted it on some store shelves.

Peeps Pepsi is returning to stores: Where to buy and release date

This year, Pepsi isn’t really making a big deal out of the launching of its Peeps soda; there haven’t been any giveaways, promotions, or obvious big-budget advertising efforts. The product is planned to be sold from February 13 through April 7 in both 10-packs of 7 12-ounce tiny cans and 20-ounce bottles, according to The Krazy Koupon Lady. It strangely becomes unavailable before Easter Sunday, so you’ll need to stock up before the big day.

Peeps Pepsi returning stores before its expected schedule
Peeps Pepsi will available for all customers in 2023

However, it doesn’t appear that there is much of an embargo on the product since sweet snack enthusiast @markie_devo shared on Instagram this week to announce that the product had been spotted in three separate states a week before its scheduled debut.


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Several Walmart locations in New York, South Carolina, and Ohio currently sell the beverage, and at least one Ohio Kroger also carries it. You don’t want to scour the store aisles for Pepsi Peeps, do you?

Amazon will also sell it, however as of right now, the online store has a ship date of February 12, so you’ll still have to wait a few days to get your hands on it.


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