NBA to showcase LED basketball court at 2024 All-Star Weekend

NBA LED floor/basketball court unveiled! For the NBA’s 2024 All-Star Weekend, LED technology that shines on the basketball court is among the innovations that promise fans an extraordinary experience.

From television screens to stadium bleachers, this exciting technology will captivate everyone, and the NBA has partnered with ASB LumiFlex to bring this cutting-edge technology to fans.

NBA LED floor will bring great moments to the audience

The LED court will be used for a variety of events throughout the weekend, including the celebrity game, dunk contest, and three-point shootout. However, the fact that it will not be used for the main All-Star game on Sunday is a sign that the technology has been carefully planned.

“It’s really inspiring what we can do with this technology and what kind of experience we can bring to the fans,” said Carlton Myers, the NBA’s head of live production and entertainment. Myers believes that the LED court will wow fans not only with its live-action but also with its visual effects.

The concept of LED courts is not new to the world of basketball. The International Basketball Federation (FIBA) introduced the ASB glass floor at the U19 Women’s Basketball World Cup in 2023. This experience influenced the NBA’s decision to adopt a similar technology.

Myers explained that the NBA had been researching LED courts for a long time but had to wait due to technical difficulties. However, with the development of technology, he believes now is the right time to bring this innovation to the fans.

NBA LED floor will bring great moments to the audience
NBA LED floor will bring great moments to the audience (image credit)

The NBA’s decision to incorporate LED courts into All-Star Weekend reflects the organization’s commitment to embracing advanced technology and improving the fan experience. In the future, such technological innovations are expected to become even more commonplace at sporting events.

The 2024 NBA All-Star Weekend will be an event where the LED basketball court will provide fans with a unique visual spectacle. This new technology will make the basketball experience even more engaging and set the standard for future events.

Featured image credit: NBA

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