Leaked images reveals Apple Car would’ve been a minivan

Apple Car was one of the most intriguing projects in the technology world in recent years. It was highly anticipated that Apple would use this project to enter the electric vehicle market. According to the information that emerged, the Apple Car was to be a vehicle inspired by minivan design, with a minimalist design and futuristic features. However, the sudden cancellation of the project disappointed many people.

The first design of the Apple Car was called “Bread Loaf” and was reminiscent of a 1950s Volkswagen microbus, suggesting that the project would have a retro vibe. Later designs were inspired by the 2017 Volkswagen ID Buzz prototype and the Canoo Lifestyle Vehicle. The final design was described as a “futuristic van with rounded edges”. It would have gullwing doors instead of sliding doors and a minimalist interior. Features like TVs/iPads, a dedicated air conditioning system, and reclining seats with swivel front seats would have made the Apple Car a very comfortable vehicle.

Leaked images reveals Apple Car would've been a minivan
Apple Car was a highly-anticipated project aimed at entering the electric vehicle market (image source)

The reason for canceling the Apple Car project is unknown. Some sources suggest that it was canceled due to technical difficulties. In contrast, others argue that Apple terminated it because it thought it could not compete with Tesla in the electric vehicle market.

Even though the Apple Car project is over, some of the information revealed by this project gives us clues about Apple’s future electric vehicle plans. The fact that Apple is considering developing a vehicle inspired by a minivan design suggests that the company plans to produce a large and versatile vehicle for families. Minimalist design and futuristic features also make it clear that Apple wants to be at the forefront of design and technology in electric vehicles.

Leaked images reveals Apple Car would've been a minivan
The Apple Car was intended to feature a minimalist interior with advanced comfort features (image source)

While the Apple Car project has not materialized, it has made its mark on the tech world, and Apple’s entry into the electric vehicle market is imminent.

Featured image credit: Canoo

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