Labello Challenge worries experts

The “Labello Challenge,” a trend circulating on TikTok that encourages users to apply lip balm daily and then consider taking their own life, has caused concern among parents, influencers, and authorities.

Although no casualties have been reported yet, the challenge has garnered millions of views and raised concerns about the potential for copycat behavior.

Labello Challenge
Experts are alarmed about Labello Challenge

Some internet users have downplayed the challenge, calling it a “niche thing” and accusing the media of causing a “generalized psychosis“. However, experts caution that the challenge poses a social problem that should not be ignored.

Experts are concerned about the Labello Challenge

Vincent Joly, a child and adolescent psychologist, reassures the public that “a child is unlikely to commit suicide after watching a video, simply by mimetic effect“. However, he warns that the challenge could be more dangerous for the most fragile and vulnerable children.

Dr. Anne Sénéquier, a psychiatrist and child psychiatrist, points out that the challenge poses a difficult problem because it is hard to distinguish between children who are pretending to play and those who may be experiencing depression and could act on the challenge. She notes that the number of children in a depressed state has continued to increase since the period of confinement.

Labello Challenge
Labello Challenge is especially dangerous for fragile and vulnerable children

Influencers also took action for the Labello Challenge

To combat the trend, several influencers have warned their communities, and authorities have offered hotlines for suicide prevention and digital violence.

Justine Atlan, director of the association E-Enfance, advises parents to dial 3018, a number against digital violence, if they have any doubts or concerns. She notes that while the challenge may not have a significant impact on young people who are doing well, it could be dangerous for those who are more fragile and vulnerable.

The German group Beiersdorf, owner of the lip balm brand, has also expressed concern about the challenge, calling on those concerned or whose relatives are concerned to “ask for help” and to contact the official helpline provided by the public authorities on 3114.

TikTok wants Labello Challenge out of their platform

TikTok has warned its moderators to automatically delete the content of users who encourage participation in this type of challenge.

The social network has been criticized in the past for its lack of control over dangerous challenges, and this latest challenge has highlighted the need for better safeguards to protect users from potentially harmful content.

Labello Challenge
has warned its moderators to automatically delete Labello Challenge content from the platform

We need to learn from past TikTok challenges

TikTok poses risks associated with the promotion of dangerous acts that can lead to serious injuries or death. Several dangerous trends have emerged on the platform, including:

  • NyQuil Chicken Challenge
  • Cha-Cha Slide Challenge
  • Penny Challenge
  • Blackout Challenge
  • Orbeez Shooting Challenge
  • Fire Mirror Challenge
  • Milk Crate Challenge

The risks of these challenges vary, from alcohol and chicken combination, choking hazards, and head injuries to severe burns, brain damage, and death.

Parents should educate their children on the risks associated with these trends and discourage them from participating in them. It is essential to take necessary precautions and report any dangerous challenge to the authorities.

Labello Challenge
People should learn dangers of challenges like these from past TikTok challenges

While no casualties have been reported in connection with the “Labello Challenge” influencers, authorities, and experts are working to prevent participation in the trend and to raise awareness about the potential risks it poses.

The challenge underscores the need for better safeguards on social media platforms to protect vulnerable users from dangerous content.

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