Instagram developing Friend Map feature for tracking friends’ locations

Instagram is working on an exciting feature that will make it easier to stay connected with your friends: Instagram Friend Map.

The new feature will allow you to see your friends’ real-time locations on Instagram, making it ideal for spontaneous meetings and plans. Here are all the details…

How will the Instagram Friend Map feature work?

To use Friend Map, you must first allow your friends to share their location. Location sharing will be end-to-end encrypted, meaning your location will only be shared with the chosen people. You will be able to hide your location when you want to hide it.

How will the Instagram Friend Map feature work?
Instagram is developing a new feature called Friend Map that will allow users to see their friends’ locations in real time (image credit)

Alessandro Paluzzi, known for his leaks, was among the first to share this new feature:

Privacy and security will be at the forefront

Instagram Friend Map feature is said to prioritize the privacy and security of users. Protected by end-to-end encryption, only the people you choose can see your location. The map will also offer features allowing you to hide your location temporarily.

Meet your friends easily

With Friends Map, you can see where your friends are so you can arrange spontaneous meetings or easily coordinate your plans. The new feature will be especially useful for people who live in big cities and have a busy schedule.

How will the Instagram Friend Map feature work?
The Friend Map feature will be optional and prioritize user privacy with end-to-end encryption (image credit)

Spend more time on Instagram

The Friend Map could make Instagram even more engaging and useful, allowing users to spend more time on the app. However, it will also increase Instagram’s competitiveness against its rivals.

How will the Instagram Friend Map feature work?
Users will have control over who sees their location and can choose to hide it at any time (image credit)

Benefits of the Instagram Friend Map feature

The Friend Map will have many benefits:

  • It allows you to stay connected with your friends: You can instantly see where your friends are, make plans with them, or arrange spontaneous meetings.
  • Allows you to meet new people: You can also see your friends’ friends on the map and connect with them.
  • Increases your safety: Knowing where your friends are makes it easier to reach them in an emergency.

Other features Instagram is working on

Besides the Friend Map, other new features are being developed on Instagram. One of them is a feature that can generate text messages using artificial intelligence. This feature is expected to save users time and help them communicate more effectively.

Customize your personal profile with Flipside

A new feature of Instagram called “Flipside” will allow users to customize their personal profiles. With Flipside, users can create a different look on their profile and share it only with their selected followers.

When will Instagram’s new features be available?

There’s no official word yet on when exactly Instagram’s Friend Map and other new features will be available. However, it is estimated that these features will start beta testing soon and will be gradually rolled out to all users in the coming months.

Friend Map’s privacy concerns

It is true that Friend Map also raises some privacy concerns. Some users may not like having their location tracked by others.

How will the Instagram Friend Map feature work?
Instagram Friend Map is designed to make it easier to connect with friends and arrange spontaneous meetups (image credit)

Final thoughts

Instagram Friend Map will be a new way to stay connected with your friends and meet new people. While many users will find the feature useful, it also raises some privacy concerns. How Instagram handles these concerns will be one of the most important factors determining the app’s success.

Stay connected with your friends and enjoy spontaneous meetings with Instagram Friend Map!

Featured image credit: Barış Selman / Gemini

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