How to sell Starfield survey data

Learn how to profit from your Starfield survey data. Understand the value of your data, identify potential buyers, and negotiate the best deal. Discover how to package your data, protect your intellectual property, and navigate legal considerations. Turn your Starfield exploration into a lucrative venture with our comprehensive guide.

What is Starfield Survey Data?

Starfield survey data is a unique form of in-game currency in the highly anticipated space exploration game, Starfield. Developed by Bethesda Game Studios, Starfield is a single-player, open-world game that allows players to explore the vast expanse of space, discover new planets, and gather valuable data. This data, known as survey data, is a crucial aspect of the game, as it can be sold for profit, used to upgrade equipment, or traded for other valuable resources.

The survey data in Starfield is not just a simple collection of numbers and facts. It is a detailed record of the planets, stars, and other celestial bodies that players encounter during their space exploration. This includes information about the planet’s atmosphere, geology, flora, fauna, and even potential signs of alien life. The more detailed and comprehensive the survey data, the more valuable it is.

The concept of survey data in Starfield adds a layer of realism to the game. It mirrors the real-world practice of space agencies like NASA and ESA, which conduct detailed surveys of celestial bodies to gather valuable data. As Bethesda’s Todd Howard said in an interview, “We’ve been working on Starfield for years… and one of the things we’re excited about is bringing that level of reality to video games.”

In essence, Starfield survey data is a testament to the game’s commitment to creating an immersive and realistic space exploration experience. It encourages players to explore, discover, and learn more about the universe they are traversing.

Starfield – Where to Sell Survey Data

In Starfield, selling survey data is a crucial part of the gameplay. However, finding the right place to sell this data can be a challenge. According to Prima Games, there are specific locations in the game where players can sell their survey data. These locations are typically space stations or outposts that have a data broker or a similar entity.

The data broker is a non-playable character (NPC) who specializes in buying survey data from players. They are usually found in the commercial sections of space stations, where they operate their businesses. The data broker will evaluate the quality and quantity of the survey data and offer a price accordingly.

It’s important to note that not all data brokers will offer the same price for survey data. Some may offer higher prices for data about rare or unexplored planets, while others may be more interested in data about alien life forms. Therefore, players may need to shop around and find the data broker who offers the best price for their survey data.

How to Survey Planets in Starfield

Surveying planets in Starfield is a complex and engaging process. According to PCGamesN, players will need to use a variety of tools and techniques to gather comprehensive survey data. This includes using scanners to analyze the planet’s atmosphere and geology, deploying drones to explore the surface, and even landing on the planet to conduct ground surveys.

The first step in surveying a planet is to conduct a preliminary scan from space. This will provide basic information about the planet, such as its size, type, and atmospheric composition. If the preliminary scan reveals that the planet is potentially interesting or valuable, players can then decide to conduct a more detailed survey.

Detailed surveys involve deploying drones or landing on the planet. Drones can cover a large area quickly and gather data about the planet’s surface, while landing allows players to explore the planet on foot and gather more detailed data. Both methods have their advantages and disadvantages, and players will need to decide which one is more suitable based on the specific circumstances.

How to Sell Survey Data in Starfield

Once players have gathered survey data, they can then sell it for profit. To do this, they will need to find a data broker, as mentioned earlier. After finding a data broker, players can initiate a conversation with them and choose the option to sell survey data.

The data broker will then evaluate the survey data and offer a price. Players can choose to accept or reject the offer. If they accept, the survey data will be transferred to the data broker, and the players will receive the agreed-upon amount of money.

It’s important to note that players should always strive to gather high-quality survey data. The better the quality of the data, the higher the price they can command. This means exploring as many planets as possible, conducting detailed surveys, and taking the time to gather comprehensive data.

In conclusion, selling survey data in Starfield is a rewarding and engaging aspect of the game. It encourages exploration, discovery, and learning, and provides a realistic and immersive space exploration experience. As Bethesda’s Todd Howard said, “We’re not just making a game. We’re building a universe.” And in this universe, survey data is a valuable commodity that can lead to great rewards.

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