How to change PS5 theme?

Customizing the appearance of your PS5 has never been easier with the introduction of PS5 themes. A PS5 theme is a graphical user interface that allows users to personalize the appearance of their console. These themes include custom wallpapers, icons, sound effects, and even background music, giving users complete control over the look and feel of their PS5.

How to change the PS5 theme?

If you want to change your PS5 theme, please follow the steps below:

  • Go to the console “Settings” menu.
  • Then you should select the “Theme Settings” option.

    How to change the PS5 theme?
    To change the PS5 theme, you have to go to Settings on your console
  • You’ll have two options for finding themes: “choosing from pre-installed themes” or “browsing the PlayStation Store” for new ones.
  • Some PS5 themes are “free to download,” while others require a purchase.

One notable feature of the PS5 theme is the ability to customize the background color and icon appearance of each theme. Users can select different colors and icon styles to match their personal preferences, creating a fully customized experience.

In addition to official PS5 themes, users can also create their own custom themes using the console’s built-in theme creator. This feature allows users to upload their own images and sounds, giving them complete creative control over their console’s appearance.

Overall, PS5 themes are a great way to personalize your gaming experience and make your console stand out. With the ability to customize every aspect of your theme, the possibilities are endless.

The dynamic Home Screen of the PS5 changes based on the application that is selected, as seen when hovering over a game. However, users may wonder if they can permanently customize its appearance.

Currently, changing the PS5 theme is not an option, unlike its predecessors, the PS3 and PS4. Nevertheless, it’s worth noting that the ability to change themes was not immediately available on previous consoles either. While it would be nice to have the option to customize the PS5 theme, it’s not a crucial feature. Sony will likely include this feature in a future update, and users can keep an eye out for it.

How to change the PS5 theme?

Although the ability to change the PS5 theme is not yet available, users can still customize their Home Screen experience to some extent. They can adjust the Control Center, turn off background music and sound effects, and disable pop-up notifications.

Can you put themes on PS5?

That’s correct. Unfortunately, the PS5 does not currently have any themes available for users to customize the Home Screen appearance. Instead, the background will change to reflect the game or app highlighted on the home screen, displaying related artwork and additional information. While this is not quite the same as the theme options available on the PS4, it is currently the closest alternative available for the PS5.

How do I customize my PS5 home screen?

To use dynamic background themes and change the PS5’s background, users can simply highlight a tile for a game they own on the home screen. The background will then automatically adjust to display a wallpaper that is relevant to the highlighted game, providing a unique and dynamic visual experience for users.

Apart from changes to the background image, some games on PS5 will also prompt a new soundtrack to play over the Home Screen. This replaces the default menu music of the PS5, providing a more immersive audio experience for users.

Sony will likely expand the customizability of the PS5 Home Screen over time. However, at present, the options are somewhat limited. As soon as we receive any updates on the availability of themes for PS5, we’ll ensure to keep you informed. Hopefully, users will be able to enjoy a unique Home Screen experience in the near future.


In conclusion, while the PS5 does not currently offer the option to change themes like its predecessors, users can still personalize their Home Screen experience to a certain degree. The dynamic background themes, which change to reflect the highlighted game or app, provide a unique and dynamic visual experience for users. Additionally, some games will prompt a new soundtrack to play over the Home Screen, further enhancing the overall user experience. It’s safe to assume that Sony will expand on the PS5’s customizability in the future, potentially adding more options for users to personalize their console’s appearance. As such, we can expect to see more updates and features added to the PS5 in the coming months and years, providing users with an even more engaging and immersive gaming experience.

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