Emulators are coming back to the App Store!

Retro game console emulators are finally returning to Apple’s App Store. If you are a big fan of retro games, we have some great information for you.

Last week, Apple updated its App Review Guidelines to include retro game console emulators as an allowed app type. Following the change, a Game Boy emulator called iGBA appeared on the App Store and was quickly downloaded by many users.

iGBA can run any Game Boy ROM that users download from the web and open through the Files app on the iPhone. In other words, Apple allows its emulators to be compatible with all games without game restrictions.

iGBA supports Game Boy, Game Boy, Game Boy Color and Game Boy Advance games. The app looks like a copy of Riley Testut’s open-source GBA4iOS emulator but contains ads. GBA4iOS is the predecessor to Testut’s existing Nintendo game emulator Delta, which can be installed on the iPhone outside the App Store.

Apple’s decision is a big step for the retro gaming world. Millions of retro gaming fans can now play their favorite classic games on their iPhones and iPads.

The return of retro game console emulators to the App Store is a big development. In the future, it will be even easier for a new generation of gamers to play and access old games.

Featured image credit: Kamil S / Unsplash

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