Chinese kissing device is here to save your long-distance relationships

A new Chinese invention called the “Chinese kissing device” has caught the attention of social media users in China.

The Chinese kissing device consists of warm, moving silicon “lips” that are equipped with pressure sensors and actuators, allowing it to mimic a real kiss by replicating the pressure, movement, and temperature of a user’s lips.

Along with the kissing motion, it can also transmit the sound the user makes, making it seem like a real, physical kiss.

Chinese kissing device
Chinese kissing device can stimulate a real kissing experience

The device is advertised as a way for long-distance couples to share “real” physical intimacy, and it has caused a stir among Chinese social media users, who have reacted with both intrigue and shock.

While some users found the device amusing and innovative, others criticized it as “vulgar” and “creepy,” expressing concerns that minors could buy and use it.

Chinese kissing device works in a unique way

To use the device, users must download a mobile phone app and plug it into their phone’s charging port. After pairing with their partners in the app, couples can start a video call and transmit replicas of their smooches to each other.

The Chinese kissing device has been patented by the Changzhou Vocational Institute of Mechatronic Technology, and it has become a popular topic on Chinese social media platforms, such as Weibo and Twitter.

Chinese kissing device
Chinese kissing device is patented by Changzhou Vocational Institute of Mechatronic Technology

Jiang Zhongli, the leading inventor of the design, explained that the inspiration for the device came from his experience of being in a long-distance relationship with his girlfriend while in university.

He applied for a patent in 2019, which ended in January 2023. Jiang now hopes that someone else can expand on and perfect the design.

Online dating gains a whole new level with the Chinese kissing device

While the kissing device was initially marketed for long-distance couples, it also allows users to pair up anonymously with strangers in the “kissing square” function of the app.

If two strangers match successfully and like each other, they can ask to exchange kisses. Users can also “upload” their smooches in the app for others to download and experience.

The Chinese kissing device is not the first of its kind. A similar invention called the “Kissinger,” was launched by the Imagineering Institute in Malaysia in 2016.

However, the Kissinger came in the form of a touch-sensitive silicon pad, rather than realistic-looking lips.

Chinese kissing device
There is another startup project called Kissinger on the market, which serves as the ancestor of Chinese kissing device

Chinese kissing device price is pretty affordable

On China’s largest online shopping site Taobao, dozens of users have shared their reviews of the Chinese kissing device, which is priced at 288 yuan (US$41).

Many users have found the device to be an innovative and exciting way to connect with their long-distance partners.

Chinese kissing device reviews are mixed

One user wrote,

“My partner didn’t believe that (remote) kissing could be achieved at first, so her jaw dropped when she used it… This is the best surprise I have given her during our long-distance relationship”

Another user simply thanked technology for making the device possible.


The Chinese kissing device has caused quite a stir on social media in China, with users expressing both intrigue and shock at the idea of remotely transmitting kisses to their partners or strangers.

Chinese kissing device
Chinese kissing device can be considered as a tech tool to help your long-distance relationship

While some have praised the device for its innovative approach to long-distance relationships, others have criticized it for being vulgar and creepy.

Regardless, the Chinese kissing device has shown that technology can provide creative solutions to the challenges faced by those in long-distance relationships, and it will be interesting to see how it continues to evolve in the future.

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