Best PSVR 2 games (2023)

In this article, you’ll find the best PSVR 2 games list of 2023. You’ve come to the correct place if the PlayStation VR 2 is your first experience with virtual reality and you’re looking for advice on what to play first. We’ve selected some of the best games from various genres to make the most of your new headset.

Best PSVR 2 games (2023)

Note that only games that are currently playable are included on this list. PSVR 2 games support won’t be added to games like Resident Evil Village, No Man’s Sky, and Gran Turismo 7 until February 22; come back after launch for more updates to this list.

PSVR 2 games: Horizon Call of the Mountain

Horizon Call of the Mountain is undoubtedly the PSVR 2 game with the most visually amazing graphics at the moment. You must climb up rock faces and shoot arrows in this popular open-world game spinoff to survive certain encounters with terrible robotic creatures. With Horizon serving as the main exclusive, the PSVR 2’s several special features, such as eye tracking, in-helmet haptics, and adaptive triggers, are mostly on display in this game.

Just a heads up: Horizon will be a bit of a hard pill to swallow if you’re new to VR or easily experience motion sickness, as it’s structured around some of the more motion sickness-inducing VR gameplay elements. Be extremely cautious until the game offers the opportunity to teleport.

PSVR 2 games: The Last Clockwinder

Despite having less stunning visuals than Horizon, The Last Clockwinder is one of the most original and inventive VR games ever created. You’re attempting to restore a dead clock tower using robots that track your precise motions. Hence, if you want to turn a crank, you may record yourself doing it once, and the robot will then continuously turn the crank.

As you record yourself throwing balls into the air that another robot can grab and move along the line, this becomes increasingly sophisticated until you have a fully automated assembly line. All of this is combined with a charming plot and outstanding art direction.

Best PSVR 2 games (2023)
Best PSVR 2 games: PSVR 2 and its hand controllers

PSVR 2 games: Tetris Effect: Connected

One of Polygon’s favorite games from the previous decade is being remade on PSVR 2, the latest iteration. Tetris fans will receive this game highly thanks to a fantastic soundtrack and surreal graphics.

The PSVR 2’s haptics moves to the music in interesting ways, and as an odd bonus feature, “Zone” mode may be accessed in Tetris Effect just by closing your eyes. With little chance of yarding, Tetris Effect is also quite inviting to beginning VR gamers. Never a bad thing!

PSVR 2 games: Thumper

Thumper, the most upbeat game in the PSVR 2 launch lineup, is another music-heavy re-release in the manner of Tetris Effect. You control a metal insect that is speeding along a track in this action rhythm game; to keep the metal bug from becoming scrap, you must synchronize your inputs to the music.

Because of the PSVR 2’s broad, 110-degree viewing angle, the surreal, Tron-like images span your entire field of vision, and the haptics in the helmet will bounce along with the beat… as long as you’re hitting your cues. For anyone who appreciates a laser light display every now and then, this is a fantastic experience.

PSVR 2 games: Moss and Moss Book 2

The two nicest games in the PSVR 2 launch lineup are Moss and Moss Book 2, in which you control a tiny field mouse as it battles various fantastical creatures. This is an odd variation on the VR format because you see everything from above rather than taking on the role of Quill, Moss’s cute mouse. The PS5’s adjustable controls and enhanced haptics, which are new to PSVR 2, make the sensation of mouse survival much more terrifying.

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