Explained: All 12 Mandalorian clans list

The Mandalorian clans list is an essential resource for anyone seeking to understand the complex nature of Mandalorian society. The clans are highly hierarchical, with a strong emphasis placed on familial ties and honor. In Mandalorian culture, one’s clan is everything, and individuals are expected to put their clan’s interests above their own. The Mandalorian clans list provides a window into this fascinating world and sheds light on the intricate web of alliances and rivalries that shape it.

The Star Wars franchise has introduced numerous Mandalorian characters throughout its canon, each hailing from a distinct clan, house, or group. Though all Mandalorians don beskar armor, their unique symbols, and coloring sets them apart from one another. Each faction possesses its own rich history and ideals to strive towards, and Mandalore has a long-standing tradition of inter-clan conflict. This theme is carried on in The Mandalorian, as Din Djarin realizes that he’s only one of many types of Mandalorians, and Bo-Katan acknowledges that unity amongst all clans would make them stronger. The Mandalorian clans list offers a glimpse into this intricate web of Mandalorian factions and their interplay.

The Mandalorian clans list paints a vivid picture of a dynamic society that evolves and flourishes across various eras of the Star Wars canon. Whether it’s the Mandalorian Civil Wars or the struggle against the Empire, each Mandalorian clan has played a distinct role, adapting to changing circumstances and shifting loyalties as necessary. This diversity sets the stage for compelling character arcs, as each clan member grapples with their identity as Mandalorians and contemplates the future of Mandalore. The Mandalorian series continues to explore these themes, and the different Mandalorian factions remain pivotal to the narrative’s ongoing development.

Explained: All 12 Mandalorian clans list

Below you can find the Mandalorian clans list with a comprehensive explanation:

Death Watch

Explained: All 12 Mandalorian clans list
Mandalorian clans list: Death Watch

The Mandalorian clans list reveals the Mandalorian Death Watch as the first faction to be introduced in Star Wars canon. This group of militants emerged in Star Wars: The Clone Wars as opponents of Duchess Satine Kryze’s pacifist administration. Consequently, they were exiled to the Mandalorian moon of Concordia, where they hatched plans to take control of Mandalore. Death Watch formed an alliance with Count Dooku and the separatists before being betrayed and later partnered with Maul and the Shadow Collective to depose Duchess Satine. Although they succeeded, Death Watch was ultimately divided into two factions, setting off a fresh civil war in Mandalore.

Children of the Watch

Explained: All 12 Mandalorian clans list
Mandalorian clans list: Children of the Watch

The Mandalorian clans list features the Children of the Watch as the faction led by Din Djarin, although they were not identified until the second season of The Mandalorian. According to Bo-Katan, they were a “cult of religious zealots” that broke away from Mandalorian society to revive the ancient ways of the Mand’alor. Their practices included adhering to the Mandalorian Creed, never removing their helmets in front of others, and frequently chanting “This is the way” to reaffirm their vows. Despite other Mandalorian clans’ disapproval, Bo-Katan ultimately respected their sense of honor, and the Children of the Watch agreed to collaborate with other Mandalorians.

New Mandalorians

Explained: All 12 Mandalorian clans list
Mandalorian clans list: New Mandalorians

Duchess Satine and the New Mandalorians represented a complete departure from the traditional Mandalorian ethos, advocating for peace and pacifism instead. Satine’s experiences during the Mandalorian Civil Wars led to a deep-seated aversion to violence and a determination to transform Mandalore once she ascended to the throne. While her efforts proved fruitful for a time, groups like Death Watch remained steadfast in their commitment to Mandalore’s warrior past. Satine’s insistence on neutrality during the Clone Wars also restricted trade with the larger galaxy, creating widespread corruption in her government. Maul eventually killed Satine, prompting her sister Bo-Katan to swear vengeance and strive to reclaim Mandalore.

House Vizsla

House Vizsla was among the most influential Mandalorian factions, having once held dominion over all of Mandalore. Its lineage stretches back to Tarre Vizsla, the first Mandalorian to be accepted into the Jedi Order, who forged the legendary Darksaber. When the Old Republic fell, members of House Vizsla infiltrated the Jedi Temple and took the weapon after Tarre Vizsla’s passing, using it to unify Mandalore. Pre Vizsla, leader of Death Watch, inherited the blade and met his demise in combat against Maul. The final known members of House Vizsla were Paz Vizsla and his son Ragnar, both of whom were part of the Children of the Watch.

Explained: All 12 Mandalorian clans list
Mandalorian clans list: House Vizsla

House Kryze

House Kryze was one of the most prominent and respected families in Mandalorian history. Their home was the planet Kalevala, where they established a strong tradition of leadership and service to the Mandalorian people. Duchess Satine Kryze, the younger of the two sisters, became the head of House Kryze after her father’s death, and she was known for her commitment to peace and diplomacy. Bo-Katan Kryze, her older sister, was a fierce warrior who joined the Mandalorian resistance movement known as Death Watch, led by Pre Vizsla.

Explained: All 12 Mandalorian clans list
Mandalorian clans list: House Kryze

The Kryze sisters’ opposing views on Mandalorian tradition and politics led to a rift between them, causing Bo-Katan to leave Kalevala and join the Death Watch. Meanwhile, Satine founded the New Mandalorian government, promoting pacifism and neutrality in the galaxy’s conflicts. When Satine was assassinated by Darth Maul, Bo-Katan swore to avenge her sister’s death and reclaim Mandalore from Maul’s rule. Throughout their history, House Kryze’s legacy has been defined by their dedication to serving their people, whether through peaceful diplomacy or fighting for their rights and independence.

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House Kast

Explained: All 12 Mandalorian clans list
Mandalorian clans list: House Kast

House Kast is an important Mandalorian faction that has appeared in Star Wars Rebels. They are recognized as a house that swore allegiance to Bo-Katan Kryze in the show’s season 4 premiere. While it has not been officially confirmed, it is believed that two Mandalorians, Rook Kast, and Veraslayn Kast, are members of Clan Rook, which is part of House Kast. The Mandalorians of Clan Rook are known for their fierce loyalty and dedication to their house, and they are some of the most skilled warriors in all of Mandalore. Their role in the Star Wars Rebels storyline was significant, and their allegiance to Bo-Katan Kryze helped to establish her as a strong and respected leader among the Mandalorian people.

Clan Wren

Explained: All 12 Mandalorian clans list
Mandalorian clans list: Clan Wren

Correction: Sabine’s family did not choose to stand with the Empire, they were actually aligned with the Empire as part of Clan Saxon, a rival clan to Clan Wren. Sabine left the Imperial Academy and joined the rebellion, later convincing her family to join her cause and fight against the Empire.

Clan Saxon

Explained: All 12 Mandalorian clans list
Mandalorian clans list: Clan Saxon

Clan Saxon, which was under House Vizsla, was led by Gar Saxon during the Clone Wars and the Empire’s reign. Gar Saxon was part of Death Watch but switched sides and joined Maul, until Bo-Katan defeated him during the Siege of Mandalore. However, with the Empire’s backing, Clan Saxon regained control of Mandalore, which led to Mandalorians viewing them as traitors. Ursa Wren killed Gar Saxon, sparking a civil war between Clan Saxon and Clan Wren, which was later led by Tiber Saxon. Sabine destroyed “the Duchess” superweapon, which killed Tiber Saxon and caused other Mandalorian clans to unite under Bo-Katan’s leadership.

Clan Eldar

Explained: All 12 Mandalorian clans list
Mandalorian clans list: Clan Eldar

Clan Eldar was one of the Mandalorian clans that joined the resistance against the Empire under Bo-Katan’s leadership. Their armor was distinguished by a combination of black, dark green, and orange colors, with a leonid creature as their signet. After the Great Purge of Mandalore, some members of Clan Eldar joined the Children of the Watch.

Clan Rook

Explained: All 12 Mandalorian clans list
Mandalorian clans list: Clan Rook

Clan Rook was a vassal of House Kast and joined Bo-Katan and the Mandalorian resistance. The clan’s armor was purple, yellow, and silver, and they shared the same signet as House Kast. It is worth noting that the Mandalorian character Rook Kast shares the same name with both the clan and House Kast, but it has not been officially confirmed if she is a member of Clan Rook.

Clan Awaud

Explained: All 12 Mandalorian clans list
Mandalorian clans list: Clan Awaud

During the Clone Wars, Clan Awaud split into two factions, with one group remaining loyal to Mandalore and the other joining the Old Mandalorians, who set up their base in Vlemoth Port. Unlike the Death Watch, the Old Mandalorians did not seek revenge against the New Mandalorians led by Duchess Satine. Clan Awaud was initially led by Chieftain Nam Beroya, who was succeeded by his adoptive daughter, Vera Beroya, after his death. They eventually joined forces with Rebel Alliance sympathizers and fought against the Empire in the Battle of Xorrn.

Clan Mudhorn

Explained: All 12 Mandalorian clans list
Mandalorian clans list: Clan Mudhorn

Clan Mudhorn is a small Mandalorian faction consisting of Din Djarin and Grogu. Their signet is that of a mudhorn, which became a part of Din’s armor after Grogu saved his life. Despite being separated at times, Din considers Grogu a foundling and has taught him the ways of the Mandalorians. As of now, Grogu has yet to take the creed or acquire his own Mandalorian armor.

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